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Subject: invitation fencing competition 3 th Mondialino Scherma



           Fencing  Club

 Via  Stazione, 39    67027  RAIANO (AQ)  Italy

Tel.    +39-0864-726595  mob.   +39-347-0180976


We are writing you to bring to your attention that our Association “Fencing Gymnasium of Raiano” organizes  the  “3nd  World  Sabre  Champion”,  international  event  for  athletes  born  in  1998/1999 – 2000/2001 and  2002/2003.

This year we will be collaborating with UNICEF, as last year.

In  the  second  edition  various  European  clubs  attended  to  the  event  (from Warsaw, Budapest,  Atene ), with  other  official  representative  from  Algeria  and  Georgia  besides  to fencing  the athletes  have  spent days  of  fun  and  entertainment  in  Italy.

The event will include individual and team competitions, that will be held in Raiano (little village not far from Rome)  from  the  2th to the 6th of  july  2014.

For more information please visit our web-site:  www.mondialinoscherma.it

Mail:  info@mondialinoscherma.it

To facilitate your participation to our Champion, our Club will give hospitality to 2 team managers (or teachers) of your Club in the same hotel, where all your athletes will stay. The price will be very special and the 6th will be stay free of cost.

Ex.:   n.°   2  team managers ………………………… half board  – free

          n.°  6  athletes ……………………………  half board  -Special price  n.° 5 – the 6th free


If you are interested, we will provide you all the details in our second communication.

Our athletes are pleased to welcome your guys. It will be a great possibility to have new friends and an unforgettable experience, like last year.

                                                        Hoping to see you in Italy


                                                                                   The  President

                                                                                  Quintino  Moca

Vlissingen K.v.K.: 41114014
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